cPanel File Manager: HTML Editor

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Di toolbar File Manager, Anda akan menemukan Editor HTML. Editor HTML adalah visual (WYSIWYG) interface yang memungkinkan Anda mengedit file HTML dengan mudah. Yuk ketahui lebih lanjut dengan baca cPanel File Manager: HTML Editor

html editor 1

Mengedit file HTML menggunakan HTML Editor

  1. Pilih file HTML yang ingin Anda edit.
  2. Klik ikon HTML Editor di toolbar atas. Atau, Anda dapat mengklik kanan pada file dan memilih HTML Edit dari menu opsi. html editor 2
  3. Klik Edit untuk membuka editor HTML. html editor 3
  4. Edit file sesuai kebutuhan. Saat siap, klik Save untuk menyimpan perubahan. html editor 4

HTML Editor Toolbar

Berikut Adalah beberapa alat yang dapat Anda gunakan saat mengedit file di interface HTML Editor:

Saveicon 1Saves the file to the server
Templatesicon 2Selects a pre-built template to use
Printicon 3Prints the file
Undo/Redoicon 4Undo or redo the actions you have taken
Find and Replaceicon 5Lets you search the content and replace it with different content you have entered
Select allicon 6Selects the whole document, which you can then cut, copy or delete
Form toolicon 7Lets you insert form elements
Text toolsicon 8Lets you modify the appearance of text
Remove Format toolicon 9Removes the selected text’s formatting while maintaining the text itself. This tool is useful if you have copied your content from an outside source and the format is inconsistent with the rest of your document. This option then lets you remove an existing formatting and reset it back to your document’s default style
List toolsicon 10Lets you create an ordered (numbered) or unordered (bulleted) list
Indent toolsicon 11Lets you add left or right indentation
Blockquote toolicon 12Lets you create a blockquote
DIV < />icon 13Lets you create a div container around the selected text
Alignment toolsicon 14Lets you format the selected text or images with the left, center, right, or fully justify alignment options
Link toolsicon 15Lets you create or remove links
Anchor toolicon 16Lets you create anchors in your content to link to another section within your website
Image toolicon 17Lets you insert an image into your content
Embed Media toolsicon 18Lets you insert videos and Flash objects from an external source (ie. YouTube)
Insert toolsicon 19Lets you add tables, horizontal lines, page breaks and other special characters to your content
Styles menuicon 20Lets you select the style of font
Paragraph Format menuicon 21Lets you set the paragraph style
Text direction toolsicon 22Lets you change the direction of your text from left to right, or from right to left
Font menuicon 23Lets you select font options
Size menuicon 24Lets you select the font size for your text
Color toolsicon 25Lets you select the color of the text as well as the background color of your text
Show Blocks toolsicon 26Displays a grid that separates the block-level elements with HTML tags
< > Sourceicon 27Displays the source code for the content area


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cPanel File Manager: HTML Editor
cPanel File Manager: HTML Editor
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Di toolbar File Manager, Anda akan menemukan Editor HTML. Yuk ketahui lebih lanjut dengan baca cPanel File Manager: HTML Editor di Jetorbit
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